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Dallas DogRRR

 Rescue-Rehab-Reform is a nonprofit 501(c)3 group of dedicated & loving volunteers that rescue dogs off the streets in Dallas for nationwide adoption. dallasdogrrr.org/donate

80% of this sale goes to Dallas Dog RRR and 20% goes back to keep production flowing.

Hurricane Harvey has left behind mass destruction, many families and pets along with the strays are now displaced and need our help and a place to regroup. Dallas Dogrrr is reaching out and offering help to the displaced dogs left after the storm. ------Meet Rockport---- He arrived at our own Camp Dogrrr yesterday and is now safe and able to relax. Some kind volunteers on their evacuation were able to coax a small pack of strays into the safety of their car and drive north. 
The following days are going to be busy with the influx of dogs and animals needing assistance, please consider opening your home to fostering. If you can't foster, we could sure use donations for the care and medical they will require.